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tv   [untitled]    October 15, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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happen. yes, i know that there is so focused that because of one issue, people are not seeing those jobs as fast as we might like. but they're there. i think you should expect to see a solution to answer those charges. >> there is the poster child for failure, which is cylindra. >> the investigations of what happened there will continue. but what i would hate to see is for us to walk away from the other companies to have benefited from good government policy, whether it is cleaner vehicles are clamping down on air and water pollution from dirty your energy sources or whether it is all that money that went to an array of businesses across the country that are designed to transition us. it is a transition to move to clean energy. it does not happen overnight, but it requires us to continue to move forward. there are certainly a lot of
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folks that are looking for a rollback. >> are there more? >> yes, yes wondering, the local point. president obama's jobs act -- [inaudible] do something else? >> well, we are certainly going to work in concert with our federal government to support any local business relief, if you will, because i know businesses will find ways in which they can create more jobs. as was announced earlier, there already hiring jobs. they have got a good model to start. in the bottom line for everybody, because i think it begins with a vision, as asked earlier, a durable -- jobs are the very end. people need cities like san
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francisco to create those jobs. the best jobs being created right now are in the clean technology and bio technology life sciences. those are so well paid for, and they have sustainability. especially when you keep the innovation spirit that we started here in san francisco. in addition to the technology jobs in tourism jobs in the city, i think the companies that want to move here want to make sure that they can sustain themselves with all of the incentives that local government and federal government can provide. i think the federal government is doing what the local governments are attempting to do, provide those incentives that were to create and sustain jobs, especially in these new industries or i think a lot of students and young kids are looking for the jobs. they want something that is sustainable. they also want to be attached to something that proves our environment. that is what i hear every day. high-school kids from public schools was something that will be proud of. associating themselves with a
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company like method will make them very proud. there will be good citizens as well, and they will be volunteers this saturday, i am sure. >> thank you. [applause]
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